What Makes CrossFit Liberty Lake Different?

What makes “us” Different?

Passionate and Altruistic!  Two words… but what do they mean? Passionate: having, compelled by, or ruled by intense emotion or strong feeling Altruistic: unselfishly concerned for or devoted to the welfare of others. The coaches here at CrossFit Liberty Lake are passionate, have intense desire and undeniable love, laser focus, and strive to always improve in the Sport of CrossFit.  Now, this is something you will find at nearly every good CrossFit Facility… but what separates us is how we are so much more focused on what YOU need, what YOUR goals are, where YOU are coming from and where YOU are trying to go.  YOU are CrossFit Liberty Lake.


If bigger is better… well… then we are the BEST!  With 10,000 sq/ft of space we have SO MUCH room for games and activities!  And for those of you that have “fitted” in smaller facilities you will immediately fall in love with the “never crowded” feeling of this monster box!

 Our Programming, Our Programs

We belive 110% in OUR Programming and OUR Programs!  We program 100% of the workouts utilizing the CrossFit method and countless years of experience to guarantee results!  We have time tested and proven track record and no matter what fitness level you come to us with, we will show immediate positive improvement and gains with low to no injury rate!  Our testimonials and statistics speak for themselves, you will be amazed at what just 30 days of our program will do for you!  As you grow, we grow with you.  From the general physical preparedness (GPP) program to advanced programs like Full Tilt Weightlifting, Aerobics Capacity and Mobility… you will never leave unchallenged or undertrained!

Our Coaches

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